Top Insights For 2017 On Necessary Issues Of Lucky Number

Top Insights For 2017 On Necessary Issues Of Lucky Number

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A Spotlight On No-fuss Strategies In [astrology]

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Guidelines For Fast Strategies For

Ask Amy: My astrology-obsessed girlfriend thinks I might kill her in her sleep

One man even threatened to commit suicide! Most recently, my friend “Jennifer” gave my contact information to a man who claims to be 35 but he looks more like he’s 45. I was shocked that she would do that without my consent, let alone with a man so much older! I’ve been ignoring his messages. My last year of college is going to be stressful enough with starting a new job in my field and applying to grad school, and I don’t want needless drama on top of it. How can I convince my friends to understand that I am perfectly capable of finding my own boyfriends and to leave me alone? Dear Single Lady: You quite obviously feel bullied by your friends. It might be time for you to graduate into some new friendships. No one should give out your contact information without your approval, and you should not accept any contact from anyone you don’t know. Treat the calls and texts from these potential fix-ups the same way you treat spam: Ignore. Delete.

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If you believe in astrology you’re an idiot, period.
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